Brotherhood Beyond All Barriers


To Join a Family

A Lifelong Brotherhood

Beyond your experience here at OSU, the journey continues as brothers from around the nation welcome you with open arms into their world. SigRho has an ambassador in almost every state who will help you explore your dreams nationally wherever they may take you

Professional Development

To Better the Man

Get on the Fast Track

To learning the skills that you will not be taught in school. The skills that can only be learned through engagement in real life situations. Whether its learning how to interview, dress professionally, or find your own unique career path, we’re here to help elevate you to your highest potential


To Expand Your Horizons

Build Your Network

When you join our organization, you are also joining endless opportunities to connect on this campus and beyond with peers, faculty, professionals in your field, etc. The jig is up, in today’s world skill comes in as a close second to the people you know. Lucky for you, we build networks & skills with equal force.

Become Apart of the Fastest Growing Multicultural Fraternity in the Nation!

Sigma Beta Rho is a national, multicultural fraternity dedicated to spreading cultural awareness and promoting diversity on university campuses across the United States. Established in 1996, we have quickly grown to a membership of over 2,500, spanning over 50 campuses nationwide. During this time, we have also built a strong alumni network with representation in over 100 major corporations worldwide, in almost every industry.

OSU Brothers
National Brothers